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9 months ago

RE: And the winners for BlockHack are...

For the Shopify challenge prizes, John Lee and the Shopify Blockchain team will be contacting the winning teams. John Lee's email contact is

For the iMining challenge prizes, the iMining team is asking the winning teams receiving crypto prizes to provide a quick KYC background check - they are a publicly traded company, and thus is required to do the due diligence for transferring cryptocurrencies.
Additionally, iMining wishes to reach out to the following teams for a special reward, 1) Regenerative Farm for an ESG crypto mining & sustainability prize, and 2) Jibse for a $500 prize for real-life usage and impact.

Teams who are award prizes from iMining are invited to the iMining office in the GTA (Oakville). They will reach out to the teams for more information.

Bitcoin Bay will be paying out Bitcoin Bay prize by this evening (EST)